Microsoft 365

We can bring you onboard with our Microsoft Partnership

What is Microsoft 365?

Genius IT Solutions are a verified, professional MICROSOFT PARTNER, bringing you all of the dedicated business services from Exchange Email to OneDrive and fantastic SharePoint Services.  We also provide enhanced security and Azure technologies for business.

Build your future with Microsoft 365!
Get industry-leading apps combined with intelligent cloud services and world-class security

Microsoft 365 Products & Licenses

Email has been the key communication tool in business for many years now and this remains so, but is now surrounded by a multitude of other services and offerings.

The beauty of the Microsoft suite of products is that you can get all the services your business needs in one place.  Communication, storage, protection and much more.  A move to 365 can open up many opportunities and drive efficiency beyond expectations.

Microsoft Teams

Remote working has become the ‘norm’ for so many companies over the last few years, but wether you’re working at home of in the office, personal video conferencing, chat systems have become the best and easiest way to communicate!  

Microsoft Teams is past of the Microsoft 365 software family and we’re experts at setting this up for our clients.

Let’s connect for a simple demonstration.  Just as us for an invite.

SharePoint / OneDrive / Cloud Storage

We help many businesses move away from either local data storage on a server or even from a just collection of files on a single computer.

When businesses recruit or grow they often need a robust method of storing data in a smart and efficient way where multiple users can access and have protection against loss or even user error.

SharePoint can give you an engaging and dynamic front end to your data storage while OneDrive does the hard work syncing between devices.


The possibilities for business with Microsoft 365 and Office products are endless.

With many products and license types available for different scenarios and requirements, there’s something for everyone and a quick chat with one of the Genius team will enable us to understand where you can benefit most.

CustomiSed SUPPORT to


We have always worked with a very diverse client-base where a one size fits all solution won’t work.  So we tailor the services we provide to ensure our clients are well looked after with the right level of service.

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We love meeting new and existing clients both face to face and over MS teams to discuss requirements, see where we can help and advise with all aspects of it and technical support including where we can assist with emerging technologies and third party service provision of managed backups, cloud services, office 365 and antivirus just to name a few.

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